refits - restoration

Refitting or refit of boats includes repairing, fixing, restoring, renewing, mending, and renovating an old vessel.

Refitting has become one of the most important activities inside a shipyard. It offers a variety of services for an old vessel of any size and kind starting with the construction itself and what is added to it, such as hardware, electric & hydraulic systems, entertainment systems, etc.

Refitting can be divided into several main subjects:

Adding or replacing: for example replacing old deck equipment with new or refurbished ones.

Modifying: for example modifying a yacht for participating in and winning a regatta.

Customizing: for example customizing a yacht for the owner's needs and desires.

Modernizing: for example modernizing an old yacht with modern styling, technologies and systems.

Restoring: for example restoring an old wooden boat for preservation.


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