24 Hours support at sea everywhere in greece

While in the sea, is possible sometimes to need immediate assistance for several reasons.

Same in cases you are sailing away from marinas or big cities / ports, where assistance is not immediate.

Our company formed a network of local partners at every single greek island, at every small port arround Greece, and we are proud to annunce that we are able to provide assistance at sea or everywhere in Greece in between 30 minutes or less.

Our main services :

Urgent intervention and rescue at sea, such as :

Any kind of technical support
Technical or battery problem
Water inflow
Propeller problem
Run aground
Providing fuel, parts and other supplies

In cases of emergency there is no salvage claim.

Please contact us for further information.

A series of additional services offered by our partner stations can make your yachting experience as easy, pleasant, and safe as possible.

Services at an extra charge

Boat transport (in cases of changing schedule or other reasons).

Lump cost and extra expenses for captain's transportation and accommodation to the place where the boat is located

In case you plan to leave the yacht away from the big cities :

Boat winter storage
Winter supplies storage (eg covers, life jackets, electronics, etc).
Hull cleaning and repair
Boat and upholstery cleaning and polishing
Boat and engine maintenance
Boat haul out and launch
Supply of fuel, parts and provisions at land

Contact us by our contact form at the end of this page, email us to support @ vlamis.gr or feel free to call us : +306936712542 in order to receive a quotation.

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